Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Environmental Policy

HL-A’s goals is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction with a safe and high quality product, through continual process and regulatory review for quality and environmental improvements, utilizing associate involvement in prevention of pollution as a world-class automotive supplier and community leaders.


ISO 14001 Certification

GA and AL plant received ISO 14001 certification in 2002.  Neither plant has had a lapse in certification since the original registration dates.  We use the Plan-Do-Check-Act to drive continual improvement throughout our Environmental Management System. 

Green House Gas Reduction

Honda has set a goal to reduce all GHG from production related processes by 10% in 2020 from the 2008 Baseline.  HL-A GA and AL plants are on track to meet the 10% reduction goal set by Honda.  We also have a 10% reduction goal for our suppliers from the 2012 baseline to 2020. 

Substance of Concern Tracking and Reduction

HL-A tracks all material composition and complies 100% with the guidelines set by Honda and each country that has restrictions on harmful substances in products they purchase.  HL-A has received and continues to maintain the highest possible status as a Level 1 reporter from Honda. 

Compliance with Authorities

HL-A strives to comply 100% with all US, State, and Local authorities.  We work closely with each governmental organization and often go above and beyond the minimum regulations. 

HL-A Environmental Commitments

We are committed to maintain preservation of the environment for our community and to take the necessary steps to reduce consumption of resources throughout our supply base. 

We will act responsibly with all decisions that affect or could potentially affect the environment  

We will work with our customer and corporate headquarters to reduce our carbon footprint and help our customer base achieve carbon reduction.