Research and Development

Research and Development

Honda Lock Research & Development of Ohio (HLRO) is a place where we take our customer’s ideas and bring them to life.  The N.A. Sales Office and R&D Group are located in Marysville, Ohio in a convenient location where your design project needs can be addressed in a timely and professional manner.   Our #1 focus is the customer.  By combining the functions listed below in one location we can maximize our customer’s satisfaction.

HLRO is part of the Honda Lock Global R&D and Sales network with facilities in Japan and Thailand.

As a company striving to be a leader in design and product performance in a highly competitive marketplace.  Our goal is meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. To accomplish this goal we have created a team of associates dedicated to developing automotive products that are technologically advanced and cost competitive. 


Our office is currently dedicated to the design of Exterior Door Mirrors, Exterior Door Handles, and Key Cylinder Sets.  With the ever changing world of technology and the influx of electronics into the automotive world.  Our Design Engineers are ready to take on any new features that our customers may require for their products. 

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